Surgical Birth in Lincoln, Nebraska is a Current Epidemic Men Should Care About

A Call for Action and Attention

There is a massive failure within the healthcare community to understand or even look at what is really happening in maternity related to surgical birth: the C-Section.  This leads people who run hospitals, maternity centers and obstetric practices to make poor decisions and mismanage the patient care delivery team.  A YouTube video is one of the clearest presentations I’ve seen about the steady increase of surgical births from about 5% in 1970 to about 33% (1 in 3) today across the nation.

People who run hospitals think in terms of provider capacity, patient volume, and beds.  In maternity, which is dominated by a patient group experiencing a normal biological event, the focus should be on delivering a different kind of care that supports a normal biological birth.  The decision-makers in our health community have allowed us to get to a current environment where a woman having a birth here in Lincoln is 50% more likely to have a surgical birth than if she has the baby in Utah where they have been focusing on this topic now for several years and where the most recent total C-section rate is 22%.

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