#1 Topic for Hospital-Based Maternity Until 2025

The CMQCC Toolkit Will Dominate Attention in the Maternity Ecosystem until 2025

Decision-makers for Hospital-based maternity centers have a new toolkit which will define efforts to tear down and rebuild their maternity departments using these concepts for the next decade. Conversations focusing attention on this toolkit will take place in board rooms as well as medical and nursing conferences and likely will dominate maternity ecosystem dialogue.  While many leaders are not familiar with the document at this time, there is growing attention for both the document and its goals.  One example occurred recently with a November 2016 Webinar highlighting the toolkit by the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative.  The effort is spreading.

The new Toolkit by the California Maternity Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) supports normal vaginal birth. It provides perspective, research, system suggestions, and a comprehensive approach to making vaginal birth a major goal when it is medically and mutually indicated. The toolkit balances attention between the high risk, disease and trauma part of the maternity spectrum with the majority of births which should be expected to be a normal biological event.

Fundamentally, this toolkit establishes maternity as part of a normal life event and not just a medical process. It also brings much needed attention to the dramatic variation in C-Section rates among providers and between hospitals.

CMQCC was the resource for the toolkit that the March of Dimes distributed dealing with Early Elective Delivery across the nation that was a primary contributor for C-section rates stabilizing. From 1998 until 2003 total C-section rates rose a total of 15% before leveling off at 33% nationally. This new toolkit is a game changer. Any leader involved with maternity care delivery should study this document especially those in the C-Suite.


The toolkit is available free from the CMQCC.