What Works in Women’s Health –Please say “I will!” to a commitment of caring

Trust and generosity are not readily available; they are things that must be built over time. Having been an executive recruiter focusing in women’s services leadership for almost twenty years, I have come to learn this fact all too well. As a long-time leader in the healthcare, sales and consulting spaces, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting inspiring women’s health leaders many who have brought a multitude of transformative ideas to the table. This observation, however, was put out almost as quickly as the spark was started.

I soon came to the harsh realization that there was barely any opportunity for these women’s leaders new and emerging ideas to be shared and appreciated. As a result, there was little to no room for women’s services leaders to empower themselves, learn from one another’s mistakes or to better their personal and professional lives.

The importance of encouraging women’s – particularly maternal and child – health services leaders cannot be emphasized enough. That’s why I developed the company which evolved into Key Nurse Leaders, a firm dedicated to responding to the needs of this market, the unique group of women who belong to it and, ultimately, to create and strengthen a group of individuals who are constantly and eagerly pursuing the advancement of their career.

That’s also why I’m now creating this blog. Simply put, we’re here to share with you what works in women’s health. The title of this blog – “The Institute of Women’s Health Leadership” – has the acronym “IWHL” which, when pronounced, becomes “I will.” Starting with our Maternal/child Leadership Library and now this next step with our blog, our focused team at Key Nurse Leaders will be sharing the kind of content that we believe is needed to help shed light on what works for women’s health leaders across the nation.  Our inspiration comes largely from our conversations with you and your peers.  Some will come from topics beyond the hospital which I’ve been pointed toward mostly by you.  Topics such as doulas, milk banks, and various support programs that are directly or indirectly connected to maternity and women’s services programs.

The foundations of trust and generosity are strengthened thanks to the building up of long-term connections. It’s all about laying down that very first brick. Are you read to finally say, “I will?”

Our activity is underwritten by our recruiting efforts.  If you have a personal interest in career transition now or later in maternity or women’s services leadership, I’d like to invite you to have a conversation with one of us right now.  If so, click here to begin the process of partnering with Key Nurse Leaders. We’re uniquely positioned and ready to help you achieve your career goals.

One thought on “What Works in Women’s Health –Please say “I will!” to a commitment of caring

  1. Marree Saltaformaggio

    Love the idea! Great job!

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