What Works in Women’s Health –Please say “I will!” to a commitment of caring

Trust and generosity are not readily available; they are things that must be built over time. Having been an executive recruiter focusing in women’s services leadership for almost twenty years, I have come to learn this fact all too well. As a long-time leader in the healthcare, sales and consulting spaces, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting inspiring women’s health leaders many who have brought a multitude of transformative ideas to the table. This observation, however, was put out almost as quickly as the spark was started.

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Snuggle and Snooze: A focus on maternity patient-centered fundamentals

Maternal/child leaders should be rewarding what they want done when it comes to breastfeeding.  That is the general comment I’ve heard in conversation but when I drill down, I don’t get many ready answers on what those rewards should be for staff, physicians, or patients.

I’d like to first suggest a great program which has been shared in an article posted by the not-for-profit Illinois Breastfeeding Blueprint highlighting a program from Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois.    They call their program: Snuggle and Snooze which focuses on supporting the mother/infant bonding experience with major emphasis on breastfeeding.  By placing all the attention on this single event, effectively they have made all other activities lower in priority.  It is simple, focused, and what I would call elegant; in contrast to the many competing priorities of the department and drawing a distinction to the disease and trauma mission of the hospital.

Snuggle and Snooze time at Blessing Hospital  Link